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In 2000 Elizabeth-Ann’s brother, Peter, visited the village briefly.

In 2001 Julie and Peter visited the village together.  When Julie left she gave her email address to Mary, the Church Pastor, with a request that if there were any problems with the well then they were to let her know.

A year after returning home she received an email saying that the Well required repairs costing £80, a sum that the Villagers were unable to raise.  Michael & Julie sent out the money and within 10 days we received back photos of the repairs being carried out.  Additionally she sent £40 to help with £1 gifts to the needy widows.

Julie then asked as to what other needs there were within the village – the response was – 100 Toilets at £74 each and a £1 per month ‘pension’ for some needy elderly widows / widowers.

So Julie set off in her car and managed to collect £74 in a car-boot sale – at that rate it was going to take 100 years to supply all the toilets!

Julie did some bring & buy sales, gave some talks and invited people to donate gifts at Christmas to the Village.  The money that was raised went to:

  • build 40 toilets
  • giving regular support to some of the elderly
  • helping some children with their basic school needs
  • supporting Israel a young man through Bible College in Chennai – 200 miles from home.
  • In 2005 Julie visited Burlavaripalem accompanied by her sister Jacky (from Kansas, USA).  They inspected 40 toilets! and held discussions with the Villagers on their other needs.  These have become projects shown in more detail elsewhere but including:
  • Water Buffalo
  • Blankets
  • Regular Medical support
  • Rickshaws
  • Children’s Home


Michael and Julie visited Burlavaripalem in October to inspect the work that had been completed and to gain an understanding of village life and the needs of the community.

  • They saw 95 toilets completed
  • They saw the foundations of the children’s home that had been started
  • They met the doctor, who saw 55 patients
  • Julie gave the monthly payments to widows / widowers / disabled / elderly
  • They met 20 rickshaw owners
  • They met with the village elders
  • They met with 26 women about microfinance
  • They gave small gifts to many children
  • They identified further support for the villagers


Julie visited Burlavaripalem over March 29th & 30th to open The Elizabeth-Ann Home.

  • Julie saw a further 10 toilets completed
  • Julie gave the monthly payments to widows / widowers / disabled / elderly
  • She met farmers who had received £15 from the Charity following recent flooding
  • She distributed initial loans to the microfinance groups
  • She gave small gifts to many children
  • She visited the Lutheran Church
  • She gave out 10 bicycles to 5 boys & 5 girls at secondary school.
  • She met with some young women who want to learn to sew.
  • She visited the village primary school.


Michael and Julie visited in October - their principal job was to open the second floor of The Elizabeth-Ann Home - now 24 Children are accomodated and supported with their education.


Michael and Julie visit the village every year - Burlavaripalem is always ready to welcome UK visitors for a few days - now 31 Children are accommodated and supported with their education.


We missed this year because we had been advised that visits in February were better from the comfort of the climate (and no mosquitos!) and also better for the children's activities.


We visited in February. We had a ceremonial entrance to the village as we were accompanied by the vilage 4 piece (noisy) band; the children pelted uswith petals! We spent a week living in the village and have reportd most of our activities in the Newsletter.

Village Band


Elderly Lunch

 Boys DancingGilrs Dancing


In February Julie & Michael accompanied by Gayle Collins, whose company created this web-site, visited Burlavaripalem. The main activity was the opening the new Dining Hall. This was filled on several occasions for celebratory meals. Next we need a new Kitchen.


Again in February, our preferred month (for the lack of mosquitos!) we visited with a friend and supporter Jill James. We saw all the village activities - as yet only the foundations of the new kitchen have been built.


Michael & Julie - accompanied by cousins, Richard & Judy Cecil - visited in February. The new Dining Hall is in full use and is very much used by the Children, the Elderly and as a village centre (especially in casde of local flooding). The new kitchen and visitors bedroom was opened.


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